4 Press units with central manual hydraulics

Base price: 4.290,00 € plus legal VAT


A frame press with very stable base frame made of thick-walled hollow profiles, galvanized press units, all components are bolted together so as to allow for installation of the press in any location. The base frame is built high, angular precision is guaranteed by a four-way coupling. The press units are supported by ball bearings and have a 50 mm precision breadboard. Stable cylinders with 40 mm cylinder diameter serve as press units, each cylinder has a stopcock, the pressure for each cylinder is 2,5 tons and the stroke 90 mm. The press is universally usable as a frame, plate, step, jaw and body press. The press has central hydraulics and is also possible with electro-hydraulics.

Basic equipment: 4 press units with central manual hydraulics.

Optional accessories


  • Low price
  • High pressure
  • Versatile - many applications (Frame, body, layer bonding)
  • Simplified work - ergonomic working posture
  • Time-saving thanks to user-friendly operation
  • Precision, as all holes are drilled using an Alzmetall drilling machine
  • The frames are assembled with screw connections and therefore permit disassembly
  • Galvanized press units

Technical data

Mounting dimensions:

at Frame:

h: 1.600 mm x w: 2.900 mm

h: 1.600 mm x w: 2.600 mm

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