3 Press units with trapezoidal spindle

Base price: 890,00 € plus legal VAT

The original

Stable bonding press, simple and robust, solid frame and tried-and-true mechanical components - for exact assembly with angular precision, for glueing of bodies, frames, surfaces etc.

Press units made of trapezoidal spindles with pressure bearings in precision tubes, 2 tons of pressure and 120 mm stroke. Press units on ball bearing guide, galvanized, with 100 mm precision breadboard. All profile parts made of thick-walled rectangular tubes.

Basic equipment: 3 press units, 90 degree stop

Optional accessories


  • Low space requirements, the device can be used free-standing or with a wall mount.
  • Low price
  • High pressure and 100 mm stroke
  • Versatile - many applications (Frame, body, layer bonding)
  • Simplified work - ergonomic working posture
  • Time-saving thanks to user-friendly operation
  • Precision, as all holes are drilled using an Alzmetall drilling machine
  • The frames are assembled with screw connections and therefore permit disassembly
  • Galvanized press units

Technical data

Mounting dimensions:

h: 1.170 mm x w: 1.900 mm

We can custom-manufacture any special length for you.

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