The expert in frame, bonding and carcase presses

Quality „Made in Germany“

Our products are well-engineered carpentry tools and companies in the woodworking industry.

We have been manufacturing robust and precise bonding presses, frame presses, carcase presses, vacuum presses, lifter tables as well as custom workshop equipment for tailor-made solutions for over 25 years.


Feichtner Mechanical engineering

We have been developing and producing first-class machine solutions for manufacturers in the areas of carpentry, furniture, doors, windows as well as wooden components in Feichten an der Alz for over 25 years now.

Using our equipments, you can produce windows, frames, door leaves and entire cabinet elements quickly, in high quality and with high-precision fits in the shortest time.


New price list

Dear Partner,

Many industries and sectors have been confronted with very sharp increases in raw material prices in recent months. This is also the case for us.

Fortunately, we still have a sufficient supply of raw materials and can continue to guarantee a good service.

For several months we were able to absorb the raw material price increases. Unfortunately, we have now reached a point where we are forced to pass on the increases, at least proportionally. This will be reflected in a new price list.

Starting October 1, 2021, prices will increase by approximately 6%.


Thank you for your understanding.

We hope you stay safe and healthy and thank you for the good cooperation.

Electric scissor lift

The new electric scissor lift reduces the work significantly because the lifting and lowering can be done comfortably one push of a button. The battery can be charged on any power outlet.


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